Does this sound

like you?

You want a baby and found out it’s tougher than you’d like for you.

You find it harder and harder to look into your friends’ eye and genuinely congratulate them on their ‘good news’ as you are afraid, they will detect the jealousy in your heart.

Maybe your interaction with your friends has started to become less authentic. It’s like you’re not on the same page anymore and this can feel lonely inside.

The world of treatments is complicated - not just because of the risks to your health, the high investment, the legal & ethical implications, but because they bring an emotional roller-coaster. Your hopes go so high just to plunge so deep when you get another BFN, that you feel dread to start all over again next month.

I help you reinvent

your journey to


As coach and facilitator, I am at my 3rd career. As corporate banker at ING I was the no 1 person to call by the largest Food & Bev Companies in Romania & at the age of 22, as financial editor I interviewed CEOs and Board Members of some of the largest banks in Europe.

For the past 7 years I have been carrying the secret that starting a family was more like a marathon to the dessert with no shoes on and some rancid water than the blissful journey to motherhood I envisaged.

One of my biggest lesson of the last seven years is that life is not happening to me but for me.

I am an odd mixture of impatience and relentlessness when pursuing my dreams.

I know what you are going through and as skilled coach I can hold your hand. 



If you know in your heart there has to be a better way to go through what you are going through, then you and I should have a conversation. 

If you want to liberate yourself from the shame and blame that comes with infertility, then you and I should have a conversation.

If you are willing to explore your deeper self beyond biology and uncover your power, then you and I should have a conversation, because when people spend time with me, they rediscover themselves and get a sense of confidence & optimism.

Coaching 1:1 - Bloom

As important as career is, you also know that the process of creating a family is the single most important aspect of your life and you want to explore your deeper self beyond anatomy, regain your power and reinvent what is possible for you.

After you booked a session, I will come back to you to confirm it and let you know what is needed for our conversation. 

First session is free, no strings attached.

If you want to have a coaching experience and see how coaching can support you, you can book an initial session. Such session involves NO cost for you and implies NO commitment to enroll into a coaching program.

Group coaching – Planting the seeds of possibility 

180 days of support 

You, like me, grew up with the idea that having kids involves finding the right person, getting in love and making love 

You, like me, have been waiting for the right moment to start a family and you found out it is not actually taking 1 time to get pregnant

So, you feel disappointed and you put shame and blame on yourself 

If you want to get 180 days of support within a small, casual community connecting career women starting a family to regain your feeling of belonging, feel empowered and bloom, you found it! 

If you want to a better way to deal with the emotional roller-coaster related to treatments, you are in the right place!

If you're ready to listen and be heard this program is for you! 

We need more women to Plant the seeds of possibility for each other! 

What my clients say about

coaching with me

Polish, United Arab Emirates

Dorota Karas

I had a couple of sessions with Magda Dorobantu and I found them incredibly helpful.

I worked through some challenges with a commitment to my self-care. In the past, I have been very good at my commitments related to other people but when it came to self-care I could not manage to keep my commitment on a consistent bases.

Through the coaching with Magda I managed to overcome this and I’m am pleased to say that for the past month I was able to exercise every single day and meditate twice a day. This feels like a major breakthrough for me and I feel that it will increase the chances for and prepare myself for having a baby.

Thank you, Magda!

Moldavian, România

Ilona Lixandru

I met Magda at the beginning of 2019 and since then she accompanies me with discretion and patience in my journey to order the avalanche of events, ideas, hesitations and intentions, giving me the space so necessary to bring to light the essentials and act with confidence.

Untiring to seek new practices and methods to fulfill her mission, with a comforting sense of humor, rigorous in approach, but without restricting the process of exploration, Magda manages to create the revealing context of the purpose urging action.

Thank you, Magda.

Romanian, Romania

Maria Carmen

Before working with Magda I was struggling to find the trust in me to do things I dreamed of. Like having the courage to go to a TV show or having a facebook or blog page to write my feelings, my thoughts, my vision about life and the universe or hosting an event. I had struggles finding my own voice, and understanding why I can not have healthy boundaries with my folks. I was also trying to change the external world and to change others instead of working on myself.

Now life is more in its her own flow. Now I am more relaxed and in pace with my dark side… I know every external conflict is actual an internal one, so I accept more and more everything the way it is. I am focusing more on myself: I moved from my boyfriend's apartment and I am on my own. I realized I am a brave young women and I love to spend alone time with me - I am not afraid of being alone anymore!  Not afraid of what next day can bring… ‘cause I learn to trust in the process of life! Life is about keeping us alive!

Additionally,I want to thank Magda for the intimacy and trusting space she created for me. That made it so easy for me to open myself up and to talk from my deepest fears and shadows and never felt judged! I was completely surprised of the non-judgmental human being in front of me… you were totally in acceptance and this made me felt good, felt so much relief.

Thank you for your time, space and energy!

You are made for this job!

Hugs and kisses!



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