More on me...

What most people DO know about me is that, as coach and facilitator, I am at my 3rd career. 

As corporate banker at ING I was the no 1 person to call by the largest Food & Bev Companies in Romania.

At the age of 22, as financial editor I interviewed CEOs and Board Members of some of the largest banks in Europe. 

I have an open heart and a big mouth

I now have two amazing and sometimes infuriating daughters. 

What most people DON’T know about me is that I’ve also been COO, a CFO, a Chef, a chauffeur, a nurse and a high-level negotiator and mediator. I've had all these roles simultaneously in addition to my 12-year tenure with ING.

The reason most people don't know this about me is that in our current society, we don't acknowledge the importance of being a mother and taking care of a family with the same admiration we give to business leaders.

I believe that to raise little humans is the ultimate job and mark of innovation and creativity – and this was a journey that felt to me, at one point, like it would never happen. 

You see, for the past 7 years I have been carrying the secret that starting a family was more like a marathon to the dessert with no shoes on and some rancid water then the blissful journey to motherhood I envisaged. But I held onto hope and pressed forward. 

I have always been committed to seeing possibility when others only see impossibility and I believe There is always room to bloom!

I understand at a deep level that overcoming obstacles in life is the way to progress and growth.

We need more women to plant the seeds of possibility for each other…

These days I'm a coach and a trusted advisor.

I deeply understand the struggles and challenges that women who want a fulfilling career and start a family face. Because I navigated that exact journey, I know firsthand the thoughts that cross their mind and they don’t think they can tell anyone. 

My clients are like me and:

✔️ They think they have to navigate this alone, but they wish they didn’t have to

✔️ They want to have a fulfilling career and build a family and aren’t afraid to fight for it

✔️ As important as a career is, they also know that the process of creating a family is the single most important aspect of their life

✔️ They often forget how special they are

✔️ They are women who want to make a real impact on the world

✔️ No matter how challenging things can get, they dig deep in order to find a way